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Little Light Children's Center 

A self help center, run by the community, providing free education for children of Namuwongo.



LLCC is an educational project that was initiated at the beginning of July 2007 in Namuwongo, one of the poorest slums of Kampala, Uganda. The project us a collaboration in between the community of Namuwongo and young International volunteers, who have been joining forces to establish an operational community center for the disadvantaged children of the slums and their families.

The Namuwongo slum

The population in Namuwong is primarily composed of children, many of whom are orphans that fled their war-ridden northern region of Uganda. Coming from families who most often don't have access to stable income, these children, also known as 'Internally Displaced People' (IDP's), were forced to settle in the improvised area of Namuwongo. The children of Namuwongo, commonly left to them selves, are the most vulnerable to the various hazards and dangers concealed in the slum. Many of them live in a single-parent household, or are brought up by distant relatives. With an extremely high illiteracy rate, little or no civilian infrastructure and reduced accesses to schools, food, healthcare, jobs, electricity or clean water, the opportunities to improve the standard of living are almost nonexistence. It is little to say that the people in Namuwongo are left with very few options to survive. In the slum, children over six years old rarely attend school and currently no educational program for those below that age exists. For the past four years, an international group consisting of Ugandans, Israelis and other nationalities are volunteering to support these children and their families through education and empowerment, developing a durable project directly with the people of Namuwongo. - בניית אתרים בחינם